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RESP – Registered Education Savings Plan in Calgary

An RESP is to education what an RRSP is to retirement: it allows you to build up savings to put toward your child’s post-secondary education. This is the most precious gift you could offer your child: the possibility to pursue the career of their dreams.

An RESP is a savings plan that helps Canadians save, tax free, for their child’s post-secondary education. Through an RESP you can contribute $2,500 annually toward their education. The maximum you can contribute to any one RESP is $50,000.

You don’t have to be a Canadian citizen to open an RESP. If you are a permanent resident or a landed immigrant, you can open an RESP for your child.

Canada Education Savings Grant

To help make a post-secondary education more affordable, the Canadian government will match 20% of any RESP contribution until your child reaches the age of 17. Provided through the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), the Canadian government will deposit up to $500.00 annually in free money to your child’s RESP. The lifetime maximum of the CESG is $7,200.

Helping Calgarians Maximize Their Children’s RESP

Whether you’re new to Calgary or new to Canada, Asia pacific Insurance can help you develop a financial plan which will help your child meet all of their post-secondary education needs.

We offer multiple RESP options which provide additional flexibility and options to maintain your contributions as per your needs.


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