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Retirement—you’ve been planning and saving for it for years. And as life expectancy continues to rise, you’ll likely have more retirement years to enjoy. But along with a longer life expectancy comes a greater risk that you’ll require daily care.

Ideal to

  • Get quality care at home or in the private long-term care facility of your choosing
  • Pay for a professional caregiver or compensate family caregivers
  • Protect your assets and investments

How it works

Long-term care insurance pays a tax-free monthly benefit if you need daily care as the result of an accident or illness such as cancer, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

  • A tax-free benefit you can use as you see fit
  • No need to submit bills or receipts

What we offer

Personalized coverage

  • You choose the benefit amount, the duration of benefit payments and the waiting period (the time that must elapse between when you lose your independence and when benefit payments begin)

Additional coverages

  • A premium refund for your heirs upon your death
  • Cost-of-living increases
  • And more

Free assistance services

  • From the day you take out your policy, get referrals to reliable and trusted home maintenance service providers in your area
  • In the event of a loss of independence, access a telephone service that allows you to talk to psychologists and support services to coordinate the care you need for the best possible quality of life

How to buy this policy

Make an appointment with us today. We’ll assess your financial needs and recommend a solution best-suited to your priorities.

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